The Alt Weekly Roundup (6/3)

Posted: by The Editor

The Alternative Weekly Roundup is a column where our staff plugs a variety of new releases in a concise, streamlined format. Albums, singles, videos, and live sets. Check back each Monday to see what we were jamming the week prior.

Psychic Barber — “Something You Can’t Run From”

Swinging and swooning, Los Angeles band Psychic Barber is back with their newest single. Stretching over five minutes it lulls through a narrative of avoidance and lost love, carried by melodic riffs that glow and echo. Get hypnotized.

Olivia Keasling | @residentkilljoy

Soft Blue Shimmer — “Chamoy”

Soft Blue Shimmer hail from Los Angeles and their new track “Chamoy” crashes and splashes like the bright blue Pacific Ocean. This new track, which comes from their new EP Nothing Happens Here (out June 28) will flood your room with a gorgeous shoegazey soundscape, pouring down vibrant walls of riffs that are sure to stick around in your brain for a while.

Jordan Walsh | @jordalsh

White Reaper — “Might Be Right” 

White Reaper just announced their signing to Elektra Records with “Might Be Right,” a jaunty ripper that bolsters their claim that they might be the world’s best American band.

Zac Djamoos | @greatwhitebison

WAAX — “I Am”

The Australian band dropped their new single from their upcoming debut full-length, which comes out later this year. The song is full of energy and doesn’t hold back on the hard riffs and grungy aesthetic. Check out the single on spotify as well as the bands previous independently released EPs on their Bandcamp

Steven Lalonde | @StevenLalonde

Future Crib—“Yer Movin”

Nashville sweethearts Future Crib are back with a bang. A track full of surprises, “Yer Movin” jumps from grungey and groovey to sonically glowing gang vocals. Click here for dates where you can catch their magic live, as they head up the east coast with Nordista Freeze later this month.

Olivia Keasling | @residentkilljoy

Puddle Splasher — The Blankest Blue

Brooklyn-based Puddle Splasher released their summery new album The Blankest Blue on May 17. The 12 tracks are chalk full of fun, poppy, rock n roll jams that are perfect for this time of year.

Steven Lalonde | @StevenLalonde


Saltlick shared “ANXIETY ATTACKS,” which, counter-intuitive to its title, is soothing with a jazz influence. Each instrumental component is carefully stacked on top of one another, curating a crisp sound that avoids discordance.

Bineet Kaur | @hellobineet

Ugly Flannel — “Medication” 

Ugly Flannel’s latest single “Medication” is an emo-inflected pop-punk romp that’s sure to be in repeat all summer.

Zac Djamoos | @greatwhitebison

Palehound — “Black Friday”

All of the songs released ahead of Palehound’s new album Black Friday (out June 7 on Polyvinyl) have been outstanding, but the title track might take the cake. Ellen Kempner barely rises above a whisper, keeping a sweeping composition down-to-earth with a sincerity that gets at the heart of a complex friendship.

Jordan Walsh | @jordalsh

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