The Alt Weekly Roundup (5/2)

Posted: by The Editor

The Alternative Weekly Roundup is a column where our staff plugs a variety of new releases in a concise, streamlined format. Albums, singles, videos, and live sets. Check back each Monday to see what we were jamming the week prior.

Middle Part – “Harley”

“Harley,” the latest from Middle Part, is a stellar indie pop gem, built off a dreamy, swaying beat and a raspy falsetto hook.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

Arlen Gun Club – “Get the Lead Out”

Arlen Gun Club announced their self-titled debut last week with the single “Get The Lead Out,” a riffy indie-punk rocker full of anxious energy. The group sounds a little tighter and more assured than on their EPs—which were great—and there’s a feeling of immediacy that comes with their sound that perfectly hits all the best elements of catchy, radio-friendly punk.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

Laura Veirs – “Winter Windows”

 Laura Veirs’ new single “Winter Windows” is a liberating anthem that shines a light on the strength of mothers and the way women emit power through their refraction of light and hope. Set atop an indie-rock soundscape with punk influences, Veirs’ raw vocals push forward as they build to a high chorus that rounds out the track and leaves the listener to ruminate on its elevating spirit.

Hope Ankney | @hope_ankleknee

Short Fictions – “Heather”

Months after “Don’t Start a Band,” Short Fictions is back with another single, “Heather,” and an album announcement–Every Moment of Every Day is out June 24 on Lauren Records. Like that earlier single, “Heather” is a jaunty, sugar rush of an emo-tinged pop-punk jam, just begging to be shouted along to in a dank basement.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

Eliza & The Delusionals – “Bad Song”

Was recently just turned onto Eliza & The Delusionals, and I’ve been annoyingly shoving their music in anyone’s face who’ll listen. A rising indie-rock band from Australia, their music acts like a time capsule of modern nostalgia back to early 2000s fuzzy alternative rock. Their newest single “Bed Song” only amplifies that sound with colorful melodies, red-hot guitars, and sparkling production while featuring unassumingly beautiful lyricism about how we navigate the relationships life hands us. Eliza & The Delusionals’ debut record, Now and Then, drops May 20th, and this only feels like the beginning for the band as they chip away at creating their own little corner of the indie music scene.

Hope Ankney | @hope_ankleknee

Total Vacation – Revival! Revival!

Total Vacation’s Revival! Revival! is a perfect spring-ready emo-pop EP to slot in alongside releases from I’m Glad It’s You, Flight Mode, and New Vision, an upbeat ten or so minutes of crunchy riffs and easy hooks.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

Unschooling – “Shopping on the Left Bank”

Unschooling’s dissonant yet technical post-punk sound comes as a refreshing sound in “Shopping on the Left Bank,” their first single since Random Acts of Total Control. The French band’s danceable song is surprisingly warm for being a darkly chaotic recording of broken guitar off a broken tape recorder. Unschooling is in session, and we hope you’re not late to class.

Anne Hurban | @fyrbrdtransanne

Jacky Boy – Mush

With its seemingly endless riffs, slacker lyrics, and touch of nostalgia, Jacky Boy’s Mush is a perfect summertime drinking in the park record. The songs fall somewhere between emo, indie, ‘90s, and alternative, hitting the sweet spot and never forgetting that rock music should be a good time. Having so many guitar solos on Mush might seem excessive, but it’s fun as hell and feels fitting on a record that seems like a celebration of huge, crunchy guitars.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

Mint Green – “What I’m Feeling”

 Each of the singles Mint Green has dropped ahead of their debut LP All Good Girls Go to Heaven has shown off a different side of the band, and “What I’m Feeling” might be the most intriguing of the three. It’s angular, dancey pop rock, and it’s a real hit. It looks like All Good Girls will cover a lot of ground, and it looks like it’ll do it all extremely well.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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