The Alt Weekly Roundup (4/8)

Posted: by The Editor

The Alternative Weekly Roundup is a column where our staff plugs a variety of new releases in a concise, streamlined format. Albums, singles, videos, and live sets. Check back each Monday to see what we were jamming the week prior.

Deliluh — “Freeloader Feast”

I can’t get this song out of my head. Between the noisy feedback that brews in the background, a single catchy hook intertwined with spoken word and the ever building anticipation throughout the song. I’m excited to see what this Toronto-based experimental post-punk group does next.

Lindsy Carrasquillo | @lindsy_carr

Sundressed — “Heart Lie” 

Sundressed deliver a cheery, well-crafted pop-punk jam with “Heart Lie.” There are definite hints of nostalgia, but to put it solely in that camp would diminish it as a whole. The song is filled with immediate opportunities to sing along and the feature from Tiny Stills is wonderfully seamless.

Scott Fugger | @scoober1013

TWEN — “Waste” 

TWEN have been on my radar for a while now and I’ve loved catching their energetic live shows when they roll through Gainesville. Their debut single, “Waste,” captures their fuzzy pysch-rock sound that I love.

Lindsy Carrasquillo | @lindsy_carr

Fresh — “Going to Brighton”

Have you become obsessed with Fresh yet? “Going To Brighton” is such a fun new single and I can’t wait to hear the entire record. It’s short, fun, and punk as all hell. 

Kayla Carmicheal | @kaylacarmicheal

Holy Fawn — “Dark Stone” Video 

Arizona post-rock/post-hardcore band Holy Fawn put out one of 2018’s most underrated records with Death Spells, but it looks like they’re picking up some steam. They recently signed to Triple Crown Records and put out a video for their single “Dark Stone.” Trust me, you’ll want to get on them now before they blow up.

Zac Djamoos | @greatwhitebison

The Stonewall Vessels — “Eastern Milk”

The Stonewall Vessels have such a unique sound that is both intimate and epic. It really shines through in their newest track, “Eastern Milk”. While the track clocks in at close to seven minutes, time becomes irrelevant as the band take you on a chilled-out journey through the clouds. Throw down a blanket on the grass, close your eyes, and soak in the sun for optimal listening results.

Scott Fugger | @scoober1013

Rachel Levy — “Better” 

Under the name R.L. Kelly, songwriter Rachel Levy dropped three EP’s between 2013 and 2014 (two of which were splits with then-upstarts Spencer Radcliffe and Alex G) and a handful of loose singles throughout the next few years that all fell under the same gloomy bedroom-pop umbrella. But last week, the intermittently active musician reintroduced herself under her own name via a sunny and robust power-pop song, “Better.” The title isn’t necessarily a reference to the quality (Levy’s sparse yet rewarding output has been consistent for years), but the L.A. artist sounds rejuvenated and sharp as ever on here; hopefully a sign of more to come.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

pronoun — “temporary tantrum”

“temporary tantrum” is a standout of the tracks currently available from pronoun’s upcoming debut full-length. The airy energy that Alyse Vellturo is able to convey has always been a major draw and this song mixes the two perfectly. If i’ll show you stronger isn’t already on your list of anticipated spring releases, this song might change your mind.

Scott Fugger | @scoober1013

Control Top — Covert Contracts

Philly’s Control Top play a serrated form of post-punk that freewheeledly veers into hardcore and noise-punk. On their debut full-length Covert Contracts, the subject matter covers a variety of non-consensual “contracts” people, specifically marginalized folks, are often, by design, forced to comply with. It’s a record that shreds social/political norms with jagged riffs, slam-ready rhythms, and enchantingly fitful vocal deliveries. A cross between Mannequin Pussy and Priests.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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