The Alt Weekly Roundup (4/20)

Posted: by The Editor

The Alternative Weekly Roundup is a column where our staff plugs a variety of new releases in a concise, streamlined format. Albums, singles, videos, and live sets. Check back each Monday to see what we were jamming the week prior.

John K. Samson—”Millennium for All”

John K. Samson (The Weaktherthans) is perhaps the best songwriter of his generation. “Millennium for All” is a beautiful new addition into the Samson canon, a lovely ballad that wouldn’t have felt out of place on 2016’s meditative Winter Wheat. 

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

Faye Webster—”In A Good Way”

On her 2019 album Atlanta Millionaires Club, Faye Webster blended R&B, folk, and easy listening into her cool form of indie-pop. The result was something that sounded like Cate le Bon crossed with Stella Donnelly, but her new one-off “In A Good Way” swings in a more maximalist direction that’s closer to U.S. Girls’ recent material. It’s a terrific fit for Webster’s undeniable voice, her biting humor, and all-around ear for sticky melody. It’s her best tune yet.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

Infant Island—”Stare Spells”

A while back, I saw Infant Island play a tiny little room in a frigid warehouse in West Philly, and I remember being struck by the way the pulverizing sound hit against the low, warm lights. That’s kind of what it feels like to listen to their new song “Stare Spells,” which intertwines throat-shredding screams with selections of beautiful, peaceful guitar ruminations. 

Jordan Walsh | @jordalsh

Bad Shapes—Bad Shapes

Bad Shapes released a gritty, rumbling record that leans heavily into shoegaze, but also manages to be invigorating in a way that feels similar to The Strokes. The songwriting gets esoteric at several points, with quips like “ate your heart with avocado” from “B.Z.E.”

Bineet Kaur | @hellobineet

Millington—Beatdown Generation

I have found that, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve fallen back into old habits. That is, I’ve been listening to pop-punk again. Perhaps it’s an attempt to get back to a feeling I used to have, or perhaps it’s indicative of my growing inability to focus on anything besides the instant gratification in the form of sugary hooks. I’m not sure, but Millington’s ska-inflected Beatdown Generation is a pretty good EP that I actually don’t feel ashamed publicly enjoying.

 Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

Charlie Mtn.—GD

Charlie Mtn., the new project of the prolific songwriter John-Allison Weiss, just released the breezy, sunny folk-rock EP GD, and it feels real nice. Open your window if the weather’s nice and listen to some of the sharpest, catchiest hooks of Weiss’s career. 

Jordan Walsh | @jordalsh

Gleemer—”Down Through”

Dream pop seems to be the flavor of the week, but Gleemer manage to never sound stale. “Down Through,” the title track and closer from their upcoming record, is a dynamic and contemplative ballad, every bit as meditative as the beautiful cover photo. 

Zzac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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