The Alt Weekly Roundup (2/22)

Posted: by The Editor

The Alternative Weekly Roundup is a column where our staff plugs a variety of new releases in a concise, streamlined format. Albums, singles, videos, and live sets. Check back each Monday to see what we were jamming the week prior.

’68—”Bad Bite”

I don’t think ‘68 has ever sounded as loose as they do on “Bad Bite.” Josh Scogin’s talk-shout finds the perfect balance of melody and aggression. At the end of the song he blurts out, “You only love me for my riffs,” and he’s partly right. The garage rock duo have some of the finest riffs in the game, and “Bad Bite” is proof. 

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

Bicycle Inn—”Dexterity Saving Throw”

The first and only single off Bicycle Inn’s forthcoming LP This Time and Place Is All I’ll Ever Know, “Dexterity Saving Throw” sees the Massachusetts three-piece at their most energetic—but not at the expense of the noodly guitar work or ethereal atmosphere that has characterized their music since 2018 EP Opening Doors for Strangers. The loud-soft dynamics and tight songwriting (see also: Charmer’s ivy) show marked growth for the foursome, just in time for their full-length debut. Fans who have been around since 2018 and newcomers alike should get excited about the direction in which the single propels Bicycle Inn. 

Michelle Bruton | @MichelleBruton 


Where the first single from Milly’s Wish Goes On EP, “Star Thistle Blossom,” demonstrated the band’s ability to pull off twinkly shoegaze, “Denial” is a bit more straightforward. Its pretty riffs and effortless melodies belie a deceptively catchy and bright hook. 

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

Som—”Youth // Decay”

Som has the perfect formula on “Youth / Decay.” The song’s crunchy riffs have an aggressive, almost metallic flavor to them, but Will Benoit’s vocals, floating above them give the song a serene feeling. 

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

Mister Tickle Hands—”Reverse Vertigo”

I truly can’t remember the last time I felt the urge to get up and dance. Then the track and accompanying video for “Reverse Vertigo”, a collaborative effort from multiple indie Jersey Shore artists, dropped this week. A little Daft Punk, a bit LCD Soundsystem, and definitely 80s influenced (it almost sounds like an ABC B-side), it’s ridiculously infectious. General Roshane and Brother Andrew are the duo behind Mister Tickle Hands who get both writing and production credit on the track; they’re known around the local scene for their electronic dance music. The addition of Emily Grove of Daughter Vision and Blaise on vocals—who’ve made names for themselves through their own electro-pop projects—elevate the entire production. The real star of the show, though, is Blaise, and it’s a joy to hear him let loose and get weird. You can practically hear him mugging into the microphone. 

Madison Van Houten | @madisonvanhalen

Honeymoon—”No Smiles” / “Only in Name”

Honeymoon’s From the Future was a great slept-on LP from last year, but less than two months into 2021 and the band’s got it beat. The two-song single features their best tracks yet. “No Smiles” finds them diving headfirst into gloomy post-hardcore, while “Only in Name” displays a newfound sense of melody to cut through the fuzz.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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