Dikembe Interview

Music Henderson October 6, 2014

Ryan of Dikembe took the time out of his busy life to answer some questions about their new LP Mediumship, the Florida music scene, Magic The Gathering and other stuffs. Take a peek!I'm feeling a darker vibe to Mediumship. Do you feel like that's accurate, and was there anything specifically, musically or within your lives, that you feel inspired the songs on this record?I’m not sure I’d say the record is darker but we definitely set out for a more restrained, downtrodden mood throughout compared to our past releases. Musically, we really wanted to pay homage to some of our favorite bands and just...

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Dikembe – “Mediumship” Review

Music Sean Gonzalez July 24, 2014

A slow pulse kicks of Mediumship, the new album by Dikembe. A scratchy almost whispered voice weaves around the pulse, breaking up and down in a disheartened scale. 'Even Bother' eventually finds itself in a dynamic war between the somber melody and an even more subdued mood. That is the mood of this whole record, trying to battle that particular dynamic of keeping somber even under the thick weight of emotions. 

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