Interview: Pink Navel

Music The Editor January 27, 2022

Jane caught up with Devin Bailey, the mind behind narrative rap project Pink Navel who acknowledges the importance of leaving imperfections in the final mix. The Massachusetts-based artist started in New England DIY punk and emo circles and joined rappers in Ruby Yacht in 2018. They talked about their most recent album EPIC alongside what it’s like to trust in a one-take process, manipulating Tik Tok audio clips, and the zealousness of spontaneous performance that is Pink Navel.

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Interview: Grasser

Music The Editor September 28, 2021

Jane caught up with Grasser on how their album, Get Real Quick! came together through decade-old demos and their strong friendships tapped through intense collaboration. The album is as impressive and unexpected as the title suggests; each corner is a surprise of hip-hop bathed in synth overtones and traditional rock melodies.

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