Gaslight Anthem

Sean’s Modern Marvels: Sink Or Swim

Music Sean Gonzalez March 24, 2015

Sink Or Swim might be overlooked by people as the debut of a band who had not yet mastered the airwaves, but to me it was a medium between Against Me! punk mind and the Bruce Springsteen songwriting ability. 

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Gaslight Anthem – “Get Hurt” Album Review

Music Morgan August 28, 2014

One of the most obviously important factors in becoming a truly great band is the ability to grow as an artist. It seems that those who evolve past their original sound, even if that sound made them popular initially, are the same bands that are the most revered. One band that has struggled with this, despite its immense talent, is the Gaslight Anthem. These Jersey rockers dropped their newest album, Get Hurt, on August 12 and continued their reign as one of the best rock n’ roll bands of our generation.

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