Artist Interview

Interview: Heart Attack Man

Music The Editor May 23, 2023

Luciano talks with Eric and Tyler of Heart Attack Man about Heart Attack Man's excellent new LP 'Freak of Nature' and what sets them apart from their contemporaries in the pop-punk scene.

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Artist Interview: Softcult

Music The Editor March 23, 2023

Drawing from personal encounters with misogyny, sexual assault, and abuse, Softcult use their music as a platform to speak out, and Loan caught up with the duo to discuss their new EP 'see you in the dark,' out tomorrow.

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Artist Interview: Microwave

Music The Editor March 22, 2023

Microwave is currently on a massive headliner with Oso Oso, Delta Sleep, and Mothé, and Zac caught up with the band to discuss the legacy of 'Much Love' and what to expect from the three-piece for the rest of the year.

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