Staff List: Ryan’s Top Albums of 2016

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Over the next few weeks, The Alternative will be publishing numerous EOTY staff lists leading up to our site-wide ‘Top 50 Albums of the Year’ article. Why so many lists? Well, we believe in giving as many bands/artists exposure as possible, and with so many great releases in 2016, more lists will cover more ground. Our goal is to help you find something new. Thank you for reading.

Staff writer Ryan Manns lists his top 20 records of 2016.


Romp – Departure from Venus

This band may have recently broken up, but I just had to let you know how much I really like this album. It’s got a cool punk vibe and it’s just so honest. This is basement show music at its finest. My favorite track has got to be the title track “Departure From Venus” for its fun pop punk vibe. Goodbye ROMP. You were a hell of a good time. What a great send off.

Blink 182 – California 

I’m a little biased, as I’ve been a Blink fan for as long as I’ve been listening to music, but California was a solid return to the Blink that I used to love. My favorite track is probably “San Diego”. Although it’s not a classic Blink tune, I think it’s one of the best ones on the record.

The Beths – Warm Blood

Indie party pop, fun and addictive, with a charming, warm sound I wish that there were a lot more of these guys. I love “Whatever” off this EP. It’s just got this great, happy, sound, not to mention I just love a kiwi accent.

The Royal They – S/T

How I believe good punk sounds, with a little something extra in the singers candy pop voice, really cool record with really cool energy. “Full Metal Black” is my go to track here, I just wish I could find it anywhere other than Bandcamp, even just YouTube. However this album is good enough I’ll do whatever I need to in order to get it.

Broods – Conscious

I’m a sucker for Broods chilled out sound, this one doesn’t get my heart racing, but it doesn’t have to in order to make my top 10. I like “Free” it’s melodic and hypnotic and I can’t get it out of my head.

Jeff Rosenstock – Worry 

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Rosenstock until I heards this album played over the monitor at the local station. Really good. Even better loud. For me, this album is all about “Festival Song” a really incredible song that will make you feel things you didn’t know were there.


Fiscal Cliff – Dog Years

Fresh indie rock that has a lot more soul than the next guy. I couldn’t you why exactly but I’m really feeling this album. Check out “Hold On” for its chilled out almost space-rock-esque vibes, I’m telling you, don’t sell these guys short.

A Tribe Called Quest – We Got it From Here…

Throwback to everything we loved about old school hip hop this album has been a long time coming and I’m glad it’s finally here. I’m really digging “Whateva Will Be” for how damn smooth it is, and gosh dangit that bassline!

Bad Suns – Disappear Here

Really neat indie pop with a warm familiar sound, catchy as heck too, this record makes me wanna dance. I really like “Daft Pretty Boys” check it out for some radio worthy pop that deserves many more plays than its getting.

Street Chant – Huaora

What I think surf punk should sound like, nuff’ said. My pick off this album would have to be “Sink”. It’s got this hard edge that makes it feel cool, but it’s also the right amount of catchy to keep you coming back for more.