Song Review: Rei Brown – “Bubble”

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned during quarantine, it’s to be gentle with myself. And that’s exactly what rei brown’s single “Bubble” is: a soft, airy tune that’s uplifting and kind to the soul. Utilizing the pleasant plucks of an acoustic guitar laid over a lighthearted lo-fi beat, brown sings about the isolation he feels due to quarantine, and how it can feel suffocating, like being trapped in a bubble. “I’m having trouble/ Getting air/ It’s so unfair/ You’re over there/ ‘Cause I just wanna hold you tight/ And watch the clouds go by.”

While it sounds bleak, the chorus provides hope. “When I see my friends again, I’ll be okay/ When we get together next, we’ll celebrate.” Usually, I tend to lean towards sad songs when I’m low, making my mood plummet further. But what’s nice about “Bubble” is that it seems melancholy at first –  giving off the sad vibes I crave – yet is optimistic. Right now, it can be hard to see the other side of the pandemic, but rei brown reminds us that it will be ok. We’ll get through this. And when we can see our friends again, interact with other humans, we’ll be even better. Because people need people.

Jordan Snowden // @snowden_jordan

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