Song Premiere: Tuxis Giant – “I Saw the Light”

Posted: by The Editor

Although Tuxis Giant began as an indie folk outlet for Matt O’Connor, over the past eight years, it’s come a long way since then. Now a full-fledged band, they’ve covered a lot of ground on the three LPs they’ve released since O’Connor began using the name in 2015, weaving elements of slowcore, alt-country, and alt rock together. Most recently, last fall saw the release of the In Heaven EP, a collection of dusty, sunbattered tracks that capture all the band’s various sounds in fewer than twenty tantalizing minutes.

But they’re back already. Next month–less than a year since In Heaven dropped–Tuxis Giant will release their fourth full-length, The Old House. Like their previous releases, it runs the gamut of styles: “Geese” is a folksy barroom romp, “The Cut” a jaunty ballad, and “Video Games” a straight-up rocker, to just name a few. Their new single, though, bucks all that, and it returns to the band’s roots. “I Saw the Light,” which we’re excited to premiere below, is a wispy, plaintive folk song that stacks O’Connor’s vocals against those of new member El Electra; it’s a gorgeously sparse song.

Check it out below.

The Old House is out September 29th.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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