Track Premiere: Taken – “Regret”

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Plenty of emotion come from being able to spread that catharsis in any form. “Regret” by Taken is that exact voice breaking through the clouds like the sun on a rainy day. With emotionally captivating guitar leads and incredible syncopation, the track is sure to bring any listener to a place of emotional release and reflection. Taken is beyond experienced, having been around since 1997. Their new album With Regard To is out on April 27th, and “Regret” is a perfect preview at the weight and depth being placed into the record.

This song and entire EP are about my mental journey with my wife’s diagnosis of cancer. This song in particular is about that moment when I picked myself up off the ground to be a better version of myself for my wife and family. I could have let this news bury me and my wife, but after soul searching nights I gave that thought process up and moved forward. This is a universal truth that we all must face; when life hands you a situation you can’t fathom, what will you do?

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Sean Gonzalez / @SeanTheCaptain

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