Song Premiere: Superdown – “Alright”

Posted: by The Editor

Massachusetts’ Superdown is the newest signing for the revamped Count Your Lucky Stars. The four-piece dropped a tantalizingly brief three-track live EP over two years ago, and they’ve been quiet ever since. Thankfully, that ends today. We’ve got an exclusive premiere of the band’s first-ever studio single, a crisp and summery indie rock jam called “Alright.” It wasn’t on Live @ Pete’s House, but the band has indicated it’ll show up on their debut LP, slated for release this fall.

The song is bright and driving, perfect for a cruise down the highway. Press materials compare the band to a cross between Samiam and The Gaslight Anthem, and I can hear it the vocals, for sure, and there’s a bit of heartland grit to the riffs, but I lean more towards the nostalgic indie rock of a band like Curtail. Superdown is similar in the way that they feel like throwbacks more in terms of vibe than sound, per se–it’s a great song that builds on its influences, doesn’t succumb to them. Give “Alright” a listen below.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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