Track Premiere: Sleeping Witch & Saturn – “Knife”

Posted: by The Editor

Sleeping Witch & Saturn make music that manages to feel far-reaching and stratospheric while at the same time intimate and grounded in personal experience. There’s a certain eeriness hanging over the songs on their upcoming debut full-length The Divine Madness of Spring, as if they were ideally meant to be played in a graveyard under a full moon. Thematically, the group says the record “explores the relationship between spirituality and mental illness through the lens of the occult.” The album is a stunner and should hit a sweet spot for anyone nostalgic for Joy Division and Talking Heads or anyone obsessed with the recent huge, anthemic rock from groups like Foxing or The Hotelier. 

Growing from a driving bassline and guitars that cut through the mix, the first single, “Knife” has an almost relentless feeling of forward momentum. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Vituccio describes the song as “about self destruction, shame, and hitting lows. Writing it didn’t come from a positive place. Like most of the album, it has to do with existing somewhere outside of reality. But performing it is cathartic, and it manages to be super dancey despite all the gloom.”

Check out the single below and on streaming services. The Divine Madness of Spring will be out on September 9th with a release show at Thunderbird Hall in Pittsburgh on the 10th.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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