Song Premiere: Short Fictions – “Wasting”

Posted: by The Editor

With last year’s marvelous Every Moment of Every Day, Pittsburgh’s Short Fictions jumped into the upper echelon of bands playing emo-informed power-pop, an increasingly crowded field. In eight songs and half an hour, the band wove bouncy alt rock songs out of songs about ambiguously-requited love, the difficulty of surviving as a touring band in the 2020s, and the slow decay of late capitalism, and never once did it feel tortured or unpleasant.

They keep up that sunny streak on their new single “Wasting,” which hits streaming services tomorrow. It’s a crunchy, familiar-sounding song, one made for long drives with the windows down. It’s so catchy, so memorable, so bright that it barely registers that the first line is about how “the world is really ending.” In true Short Fictions fashion, if we’re living in the end times, you might as well spend it having fun. The track also features a killer guitar solo to drive the whole thing home.

Lucky for you, we’re streaming “Wasting” a day early. Give it a listen below.

“Wasting” hits streaming services tomorrow.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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