Song Premiere: Resignation – “Back and to the Left” (Texas Is the Reason)

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Photo by Rusty Andersen 

It’s clear from a single listen to Resignation’s You Are More Than Right Now EP that the band’s sound is rooted in Revelation Records’ ’90s roster. So their decision to cover seminal Rev emo band Texas Is the Reason’s classic ’96 banger “Back and to the Left” makes perfect sense. From the art to the production (courtesy of J. Robbins) to the reworking, Resignation is faithful to the original without sounding like a simple retread. One of the most exciting things about that EP is how it updates ’90s emo/post-hardcore for modern sensibilities, and their version of “Back and to the Left” is no different. With a feature from Sparing’s Zach Godwin, it’s a perfect look at where emo is in 2023.

Vocalist Wes Allen shares

Texas Is the Reason is a foundational band for us. Like a lot of bands in our respective world, their music is a blueprint. So, recording this cover and being able to include our friends from Sparing, involve J. [Robbins] and Dan [Coutant], and help to draw attention to an incredible organization like Hope for the Day was a perfect way to pull it all together.

Listen to their take on “Back and to the Left” below.

All proceeds for the track go to Hope for the Day.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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