Song Premiere: Reservoir – “A Cadence In Dissonant Threes”

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez


Today we are premiering the track “A Cadence in Dissonant Threes” by Pennsyvlania’s Reservoir. Sonically, this act is one of the most unique bands you will hear that gets grouped into the 90’s revival / emo. They blend folk, post-rock and a plethora of other styles into their music, allowing for there to be a depth that is not explored by other bands. “A Cadence in Dissonant Threes” is exactly that; a glorified track of emotional gloom that is exposed by a bleak performance. It’s this connection to the emotions that makes it such an inviting listen. Lay back and enjoy this one.

“This song is about a tough time in my life. We have been there. Those few years where everything feels like it’s changing and you have no control over it. No matter how hard you try, nothing stays the same anymore. I noticed the first hair on my chest when I was in fifth grade in Ms. Polecky’s classroom at Westmount High. I had worn a deep v neck that day so I could feel the welcoming autumn breeze against my bare chest on my short walk to school. It was one of the few moments in the day where I truly felt at peace. Damn, I’m going to miss those walks now. My friend Toby and I were working on a social studies project when I caught him glancing at my chest rather awkwardly. I looked down at myself and saw one little strand of hair right in the center of my nipples. My mind began racing. I knew it was over. I would never be able to wear v necks again. Those walks to school wouldn’t be so peaceful anymore now that I would have to share them with my newly unwelcome pubic hair. I looked at Toby and shouted, voice cracking like the strike of lightning off the tin mans pointed, rusty nose, ‘LEAVE ME ALONE!’ I was now a man” – Steven Sensenig, Drummer

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