Video Premiere: Ponytails – “Cherry Pie”

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With a serene sound, “Cherry Pie” is a shimmering way to begin any Thursday. The song is by the band Ponytails and feels like a floating cloud in an endless sky. The guitar work is light and ambient, sliding through melodies with a simple sway and grace.

Here’s a bit from the band about their new track and video.

“We’re trying to rid the world of toxic masculinity one open mouth kiss at a time. We went into this project trying to make something that was more reflective of our personal relationship and more so what we wanted our music. With the video we took that same approach but definitely exaggerated it to the tenth degree. We’re best friends, live on the same block and work together on top of the band. We actually all really like each other and want to keep making music together; we just want people to join the party so we can keep doing this for as long as we can!” – Ponytails

Take a listen and view the music video below!

Ponytails came to fruition in March 2016, spawned from best friends Harvey Merrit (vocals, bass) and Travis Goeres (lead guitar) love of pizza and the theme music of Sylvester Stallone movies. Liam Less (bass, rhythm guitar, vocals) and Simon Furminger (drums, vocals) joined later that month and they’ve been working on new music ever since.

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Sean Gonzalez // @SeanTheCaptain

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