Song Premiere: Off Day – “Frog Fight”

Posted: by The Editor

If you don’t know the name Off Day now, chances are you’ll be hearing it a lot in the very near future. The band released pee naked in 2019, a pop-punk sugar rush, and they’re back with a new single, called “Frog Fight.” The sub-two-minute ripper is the leadoff single from a three-way split the band is doing with fellow Florida punks Leg Biters and Leevy Skeevy, coming out on Salvaged Records. Each project contributed two songs.

About “Frog Fight,” the band says,

“Inside of you there are 2 frogs. One of them is evil–he is 8 years old and has a beard. You explode because the human body wasn’t designed to carry 8 year olds internally.  The other frog was good but perished in the accident. A funeral is held but no one attends.  You wake up in your gym teacher’s body.  It’s dodgeball day.”

Check out the single below.

The Sinkhole split is out August 19 on Salvaged Records.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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