Song Premiere: Have Mercy – “Fast Car”

Posted: by The Editor

Have Mercy was one of my favorite bands in high school. I remember when their first full-length dropped–The Earth Pushed Back was probably my most-played record of 2013. I loved the way Brian Swindle switched between a plaintive rasp and an impassioned howl, the band behind him kicking into an overdriven swell.

It was heartbreaking when the band broke up in 2015, but now, five years later, the Maryland four-piece is back, and they haven’t missed a beat. The band’s two comeback singles “I’m Gonna Be Ok” and “Sio” were great, but their newest, “Fast Car,” is their best yet. Luckily, we’ve got an exclusive premiere of “Fast Car” below. Swindle shares that the track “is about being young, reckless and in love. As I get older, I think about what kind of life I’d want for my kids, or nieces/nephews. I’d want them to live to the fullest but not to make a lot of the mistakes that I made.”

Listen to “Fast Car” below.

Have Mercy is out on August 26.


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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