Song Premiere: Grin & Bear – “Cross Legged”

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After a long hiatus, New Jersey rockers Grin & Bear are back with a new album, Be Gentle. We’re premiering the first single “Cross Legged”. The song has a classic rock vibe that is reminiscent of Head North and Pentimento, but features bridges that climb, like fellow Jerseyans Save Face. The video is a slow burn, with repetitive frames that induce a droning feeling- similar to meditation on the floor, cross legged.


Grin & Bear are part of a great network of artists from the same area (around New Jersey). This shows with references and features from Halogens and Sentient Moss. The collaboration with them is the very essence of what writer Brian Perrino emphasises when he talks about this song and record: 

I wrote this song when I started looking into meditation. I tried a few different types. I originally thought the goal was to have ‘nothing in my brain’ and realized that was not necessarily true. I finally found Metta (loving-kindness) meditation. The end of the song is a shortened version of some phrases I say every day and direct at people I love, don’t know, and even feel aversion towards. Will Avon and Chris Calabrese helped write this song and did an amazing job and Zach Henry (Halogens) and Connor Mccarthur (Sentient Moss) sing on it. Very honored!”

Grin & Bear  started out as a traditional rock band until a few years ago. Then, it became a collective project. Brian Perrino gathered as many friends as possible to write records, and upcoming album Be Gentle is their first real effort together. With over ten separate contributions to the album, the project has become a great outlet for artists to discover themselves through gentle reflection.

Be Gentle releases 1/10/20, so get on board and check out Grin & Bear.

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