Track Premiere: Feel Alright – “A Lengthy End to a Bullfight”

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We are pleased to be bringing you an exclusive song premiere of “A Lengthy End to a Bullfight” by Feel Alright. The duo play a slight psychedelic styled rock that features twisting guitar leads that add to the hypnotic beat. This particular track has a phenomenal end, with the atmosphere swirling into the air, creating a spinning haze around the listener. “A Lengthy End to a Bullfight” is a soothing experience with popping guitar leads that drift along the winds of the air. It’s the perfect soundtrack for sitting outside and having a picnic. The song is off of the upcoming record, In Bad Faith, which will see its release on May 18th.

“The riff for this song got stuck in my head while I was at a grocery store. I came home and turned it into a song when I realized I wasn’t knocking off the lick from Sister Golden Hair by America. The song is about the way memories can seep through the texture of things – a scuff in the hardwood, some dusty scent, a song – throwing you back into moments you might have tried to forget. I was really hoping to capture the feeling of AM gold budget pop, so I buried a lot of acoustic guitars and cheap string synths under everything to get there.” – Feel Alright

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Starting as a recording project by Craig Fahner in 2011, Feel Alright has evolved into a collaborative live project that has found homes in Pittsburgh and Montreal before settling in Calgary. Feel Alright’s infectious guitar-pop songs evoke the studious power pop of Big Star; the nose-thumbing sneer of The Soft Boys; the harmony-heavy sound of early 90s Halifax; and the DIY fuzzy pop of contemporaries like Tony Molina and Sheer Mag. Feel Alright released their first full length LP in 2011 entitled Hahahahahaha, reissued in 2015 on vinyl by Tonal Plexus out of Athens, Greece. The band also released a 2013 7” on Mammoth Cave Records, and a split EP with Toronto’s Century Palm on Planet of the Tapes. T

Feel Alright has toured extensively, playing at venues that vary from a dingy apartment in Athens, Greece to the main stage at Calgary’s Sled Island festival. The band plans to play in a Canadian town near you following the release of their new LP.

Sean Gonzalez // @SeanTheCaptain

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