Song Premiere: Easy Beach – “Elliott Spliff”

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Easy Beach’s sound is one of a growling urgency. The Detroit-based emo band is dire, despite the cheeky humor of their song titles. “Elliott Spliff” follows suit. The name says someone can be a goofy little guy, but the lyrics let the listener know they are carrying the bones of more significant issues, too. Easy Beach’s sound is real and relatable, something I wish I could’ve understood better as a teenager.  

“Elliott Spliff” wears different hats. It doubles as an apology and distraction—an apology to themselves or someone else, and a distraction from something not within arm’s reach. Guitarist and vocalist Ian Cruz says the song is about “the internal struggle of loving what you’re doing but feeling guilty for it.” The guitar takes the reins, just like we did (or hoped we could do) at the ripe age of 17. It is vulnerable and uneasy, apologetic and hopeful for forgiveness—high intensity and emotions with a catchy bass line. It introduces vocals that feel like lyrics, an exasperated “I’ve been stuck inside my head.” There’s a melody, but it’s distorted—like it’s coming through a blown-out speaker. 

The emotion of this song is like basking in the glow of a neon sign at a dive, starting at someone you care about as they shoot pool, but not knowing how to articulate one’s emotions into words. This song is about feeling disconnected. “Elliott Spliff” is the latest single off Easy Beach’s forthcoming self-titled LP to be co-released on We’re Trying Records and Sleepy Clown Records. The band consists of Sean Tarolli on drums/synth, Dave Laginess on bass, and Cruz on guitar and vocals. Easy Beach is touring with Seaholm this spring and playing PUG Fest in the metro-Detroit area with bands like Carly Cosgrove, Saturdays at Your place, and a sick list of others–keep your eyes peeled for the full lineup, and stream “Elliot Spliff” now.

Ryleigh Wann | @wannderfullll

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