Song Premiere: AViVA – “Drown”

Posted: by The Editor


The Alternative is getting groovy to the tune of “Drown” by AViVA. The song dances along a steady rhythmic beat, having synthesizers sporadically drenching the atmosphere in lovable and watery  tones. The pule of the song is vibrant, utilizing a range of ambient progressions to envision the theme. The chorus features a crafty stop right after the lyric “can you please save us?” as if the rug is pulled from underneath, layering the syncopation with clever detail.

“Drown” is AViVA’s way of communicating that the best way it to let go of any insecurities and embrace the world surrounding. The catchy song is the next single for AViVA, currently planning to spend 2018 creating a new record.

The first line ‘do any of these words make sense?’ really sets my intention for the song.  It’s an exploration of the isolation we experience as we go through the ‘steps of reason’ trying to rationalise life and all the choices we make.

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Sean Gonzalez

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