Song Premiere / Artist Interview: Big Loser – “Logistics”

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Americana punk project Big Loser has broken its two-year silence. First it was with “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue,” and now we’re excited to premiere “Logistics.” It’s the second single, and closing track, off the band’s upcoming Left on Delmar Drive EP. It’s also the best cut of the four–at nearly four minutes, it’s almost an epic by Big Loser’s standards, and every moment is earned. It’s a cathartic, climactic finish to the Texas band’s tightest collection yet, and we caught up with bandleader Chase Spruiell to discuss the EP and the single, which is streaming exclusively below.

Love you, barely living dropped right after the pandemic hit. What has big loser been up to since then?
Great question. I navigated a couple of romantic relationships, started my own exotic reptile business, wrote a bunch of songs and poems, and have been clichely getting to know myself better. Oh, and I also started selling residential solar panels to try and finally get out of debt as an adult man.
What went into the writing of “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue”?
Despite the title, derived from the old saying “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you,” which I just assumed everybody had heard before once in their life, what went into writing the song was a mature reflection on a relationship I never should have stayed in. I was a serial monogamist throughout my entire 20s, and after most of those relationships, I carried heavy resentments towards the other person, when I should have been focusing on the part I played in the relationship. I wrote this song after my last relationship, the last of my long string of relationships, and it comes from a different place. I endured a lot of hate, aggression, and coldness in that relationship, but I don’t resent her for it, I just think it must feel like shit to have all of those things in your heart.
“Logistics” is the EP closer. Why did you decide that should be the next single?

Excellent question. I didn’t. Personally, I’m horrible at deciding which songs should be released and why, which song is the single, legitimately bad at it. My favorite song on our first album is probably our least listened to song. That’s why they pay Dave at Black Numbers the big bucks, because he chose that as the second single. His reason? “The outro. Great hook.”

Left on Delmar Drive will be your first release since 2020. What do you hope listeners get out of the EP?
Firstly, I hope they’re reminded that we’re still a band haha. Secondly, I hope they understand it for what it is: one side of a two person story. Two people can tell you the same story of an event they both experienced, but everyone experiences things differently, so their telling of that exact same experience will come out as two completely different stories. One doesn’t invalidate the other, even if they sometimes contradict each other.

What can fans expect for the rest of 2023?
fingers crossed but I hope we’ll be getting on the road this year. we’re in the market for a band to tour with. other than that, if the stars align, we’ll be recording new music. I have another record written, so hopefully we’ll be getting into the studio this fall.

Left on Delmar Drive is out May 19th on Black Numbers.


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