Video: See What Snarls Have on Their Dream Rider

Posted: by The Editor

We all know that bands on the road can get to create riders—a list of snacks, drinks, and other sundries to be made available backstage before their show—but for those just starting out in the world of touring, or who are tour support for headlining bands, the pickings are sometimes…slim. In our new video series Dream Rider, hosted by Madison Van Houten, we’re asking bands for their dream riders, serving up those ideal snacks before the show, and talking to the musicians about their choices. And for our premiere episode, we talked to Snarls, a Columbus OH-based quartet who play contemplative and deliciously melodic pop-rock, right before they hit the stage at Bowery Ballroom in NYC on their tour with The Happy Fits. (You can hear a snippet of The Happy Fits’s acoustic pre-show in the background.)

Snarls had lots to say about food and drinks both on the road and off, and Madison and Snarls members Chlo White, Riley Hall, Mick Martinez and Max Martinez got deep about gas station wine brands, gigantic Philly cheesesteaks, native Ohio delicacies like the cheese ball, and why the standard backstage veggie tray is so damn sad. Who in Snarls is a big proponent of Red bull vodkas? Where will Snarls grab some post-show food in Manhattan? Watch the video for the full Dream Rider experience above and you will know these things!

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Directed by Madison Van Houten / @madisonvanhalen

Shot and edited by Molly Mary O’Brien / @missmollymary

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