EP Premiere: SLMBR — ‘Endless Dream’

Posted: by The Editor

SLMBR are not the band spelling out their name weird for pretentious reasons. They are a three piece band comprised of Nicholas Sossi Romano, Chris Nosowitz, and John Africano. After playing in various bands for years, they formed SLMBR in 2018. With their sound rooted in alt-rock, they tend to grab influences from vaporware, lo-fi and pop.

Their latest EP titled Endless Daydream explores themes of mental health and introspection. Tracks such as “Walking Nightmare” offer light guitar with some synthesizer to add an airiness to the track. What really drives it home are the lyrics and vocals by Nick. His vocal quality is vulnerable and effortless.  “Shapeshifter” offers some interesting surf-like guitar tones creating a rounder sound.

Endless Daydream is out everywhere this Friday, October 25th

Sarah Knoll

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