Track Attack: Ava Luna – “Deli Run”

Posted: by The Editor

Ava Luna’s new track “Deli Run” is probably one of my favorite releases of the summer. While I’m a sucker for anything that remotely sounds like an instant “cookout classic”, there’s also a vibrant new wave feel blazing its course. This rejuvenation is stellar–and if you haven’t jammed out to it yet, now’s your chance, while the weather’s still warm and the nights still buzz.  

Oh, damn, you should’ve been at the party, sucks you missed it.” That’s it, that’s the message in the lyrics. Personally, I have such strong FOMO that I feel that sting run through me even with a casual listen. Though the headache of missing a party can be heavy, the casual delivery of the song, especially vocally, reminds you not to take fleeting events in life too seriously. The ode to New York house party culture honestly overcomes any negative vibes, and this is a song that brings the party with it.

Musically, there’s so much happening in “Deli Run”, and it’s all to make you groove. Funky synth that hazes in and out like a late 80s movie, funky guitars that bring in the night time psychedelic vibe. It’s all there. All the pacing is comfortably energetic and I find it physically impossible to play it without dancing at some point. So much is accomplished within the lead single from new record Moon 2, it’s kind of ironic to think it all boils down to one question.

“If I go for a deli run, would you roll with me?”


Kayla Carmichael // @kaylacarmicheal 

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