Single Premiere: Woolbright – ‘Pillow Top’

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Reflecting on old memories can be a complicated process. Some feel closer than others, no matter the time that has passed since. Some carry emotional intensity or just make up a passing thought. On their new single, Pillow Top, lead singer/guitarist Candice Maritato recalls a memory that passes in waves much like the song itself. The harmonies build up to make a solid way of sound while still maintaining a delicate balance of instrumentals lead by the intricate guitar work the band is known for.

As Maritato explains, “[Our last record] Busybody, Lazybones was written in a very intense time in my life. I had lost a lot of friendships, there were multiple deaths in my family, and I was buried deep in depression. It was chaotic. The only real constant light I had in my life at the time was music. The music I write is a product of my feelings. It has been a few years since I’ve written BBLB and there has been a lot of growth, self reflection, and healing that has taken place. “Pillow Top” is pushing more towards emo vibes with some sparkly elements; Which I feel is very much like my personality, hahaha. We have been working really hard writing this upcoming LP and I believe Pillow Top shows a glimpse of what to expect on the new record.”

You can listen to the song and watch its accompanying video below. The song as well as the band’s previous record is available for  free download on their bandcamp.

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