Sean’s Soundtracked Stories: The Beginning

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

sean soundtracked stories


I had been wondering if that would be the best way to start off this new column, and I went over plenty of other ways to start it, but decided to first say a nice greeting; hopefully welcoming you to this new weekly addition to The Alternative. Let’s get the mandatory things out of the way, answering all the questions that you may have about what ‘Sean’s Soundtracked Stories’ is, who I am and what the overall purpose of life (and this column) may be.

My name is Sean Gonzalez and I have been involved with The Alternative for about three (Henderson, it’s been that long already?) years now. I began writing about music when I was finding myself bored, listening to music and at the same time wanting to find new releases to hear just for the fun of it. From there I met Henderson via Twitter (scary internet friends [p.s. internet friends that you meet in real life are amazing]) and then there was a decision to make The Alternative a website, and allowed me a spot on the writing staff. Being absolutely blessed by this opportunity, I continued to push myself to search for more music to talk about, eventually taking over minimal editing duties on the site as it began to grow. I found a voice in my writing, I pushed myself every morning to make sure there was content and started to see the position we had in the world: bringing to life the grassroots of music and shoving them into the universe. Through this opportunity, I was able to tour the country with bands, land a job at New Noise Magazine and find my way interviewing musicians I have been listening to for decades. My life has become extremely busy with all of this on my plate (you would not believe the amount of emails I receive a day), but I still wanted to find a way to contribute to The Alternative that is unique, fun and gives me a place to just talk about what I love with no constraints: music.

And thus, Sean’s Soundtracked Stories has been birthed and now has been put forth into the world. As I watch it take its first steps I see it fall over a few times and I laugh into the void because it’s interesting to imagine how clumsy we all can be. This column is going to discuss many real life situations that have happened to me in the world. This can be from being on the road for seven straight months, times from when I was younger or even mind blowing situations where I had to stop and take a look at the bigger picture to really figure out what the hell was going on. Also, sometimes I want to do an in depth essay about the beauty of certain lyrics in an album and I figure this can be a good place for that as well. In all reality, this is just a writing exercise to keep my mind working, the music playing and my mind relieved that I can continue to contribute to such an amazing site.

Sean’s Soundtracked Stories is something I have been wanting to do for awhile now, probably because I get bored and just want people to find me interesting. And partly because there’s a part of me that thinks… well nothing at all, and that sometimes helps in relaxing when all I want to do is write.  This is mainly an introductory post to kind of start fresh, for myself and for fans of The Alternative. I am incredibly honored to see this site do so well, and have been very proud to be apart of it for this long. Now let’s loosen up, and let’s get weird when this becomes the odd, alluring and friendly column of the week.