Video Interview: Sam Sumpter Tirelessly Boosts Brooklyn Bands

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“The mission is really just to support local music through throwing shows, promoting shows, spotlighting new music videos and trying to help artists get a little bump.” So says Sam Sumpter, a woman who I would go so far as to call a ‘scene fixture’ in the world of Brooklyn rock music.
Ms. Sumpter has been documenting Brooklyn music and boosting local artists through her work running Bands Do BK, a guidebook-style website that will soon cross the Internet-print divide. That’s right, the site will soon be immortalized in book form with the publication of Bands Do BK: A Guide to Brooklyn, By Bands, For Everyone (this September through Lit Riot Press), so I (Alt video editor Molly Mary O’Brien) chatted with Sam all about it.
In addition to sharing the vision for the Bands Do BK book, Sam also shared a few Brooklyn bands she’s especially excited about. Her tireless efforts to boost artists are deeply impressive and the book is sure to be a great read. You can pre-order the book here, and check out the site Sam Sumpter has been relentlessly working on here

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Molly Mary O’Brien | @missmollymary

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