Road Riffs: The Dirty Nil’s Top 10 Songs To Jam In The Van

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Road Riffs is a new column where touring bands list their ten favorite songs to jam in the van. Pretty straightforward.

For the first edition, we reached out to the Canadian riff-lords, The Dirty Nil, who’re currently on a massive North American run alongside Against Me! and Bleached. As you might’ve guessed, given their uproarious blend of loud-ass rock ‘n roll and sweat-stained punk rock, the trio’s taste encompasses nearly every era of rock music—from Dylan, to Jesus Lizard, to Culture Abuse. Check out their ten picks, along with their precise descriptions of each, below.

April Wine—”Oowatanite”

This song is a great moral booster and puts the whole van in a wonderful mood especially when rolling up to a show. As soon as the bell kicks in at the start you just know. This comes in and we crank the speakers as loud as they can go.
—Kyle Fisher (drums)

Jesus Lizard—”Mouth Breather”

Everything about this song gets me pumped up. I just play this as loud as I can and get obliterated by its power.
—Kyle Fisher (drums)

Culture Abuse—”So Busted”

We’ve listened to this song probably 1000+ times in the van. Its the song of the summer. It should be in everybody’s  ears. If you’ve never heard their album Peach, either then you’re in for a treat.
—Kyle Fisher (drums)


The Melvins—”Boris”

I just really love the record Bullhead and this is track one. I just love how loud and punishing the Melvins are. Always puts a smile on my face.
—Kyle Fisher (drums)

The Damned—”New Rose”

Those drums, man.

—Luke Bentham (guitar/vocals)

Rolling Stones—”Happy Live 1972″

Keith blows it live now, that’s why we love him. Here’s proof that he always blew it. Greatest to ever do the damn thing.

—Luke Bentham (guitars/vocals)

Townes Van Zandt—”Snowing on Raton”

He died for your sins.

—Luke Bentham (guitars/vocals)

Bob Dylan—”I and I”

Great vibe. Great melody. Great lyrics. Its a jam

—Ross Miller (bass)

No Warning—”Like A Rebel”

This song fucking slays

—Ross Miller (bass)

A. Savage—”Wild, Wild, Wild Horses”

This a new one from his upcoming record. A good, slow jam for late drives.

—Ross Miller (bass)

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