Review: WINGTIPS – ‘Greyarea’

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Chicago dance duo WINGTIPS combine ethereal electronica and post-punk attitude on Greyarea, their newest EP released this past November on FeelTrip Records. The group, consisting of Vinny Segretario and Hannah Avalon, offers an indulgent spin on goth pop aesthetic with their nostalgic and poignant brand of synth-driven dance pop. Sonically speaking, Greyarea offers lush, dense textures coupled with anthemic moments of driving synthwave that are sure to keep the listener enthused throughout the record.

The EP opens with “Glass,” a minute long, booming instrumental track that serves as an introduction to its infectiously decadent predecessor “Last Minute.” The track itself builds from nothing, slowly constructing into a coherent mass of layered noise and synth. Just as the swell begins to collapse in on itself, “Last Minute” comes around to carry the pop vibes through. When it comes to describing this song, infectious is an understatement. Segretario and Avalon did a wonderful job crafting catchy and timeless dance melodies that rival the 80’s greats we all know and love.

Produced by Adam Stilson, (Car Seat Headrest, Ritual Howls, etc.), Greyarea boasts a wonderful production value that really lends itself to the presentation of the music. This is certainly apparent on the closing track, “Wading,” where Segretario’s vocal performance is reminiscent of a throwback to groups like Tears for Fears and Bauhaus. The track transcends dreamy soundscapes, taking the listener along for a synth-filled journey through the inner workings of Avalaon/Segretario’s collective minds. This track, as with others, showcases the wonderful ability the group has to create such bold ballads of introspection and reflection.

If what you’ve read above entices you, all of WINGTIPS’ music can be found on their bandcamp. Do you enjoy TV? You can also hear the title track from WINGTIPS’ previous release, Ultravision on an episode of the new TBS series Search Party. If you’re in the area, WINGTIPS will be playing at Cole’s Bar in Chicago on New Year’s Eve for Force Quit 2016. Greyarea is one of the best synth-driven dance releases put out this year. With new wave electronic ballads paying homage to post-punk greats, WINGTIPS emerge creating a brand of music that is nostalgically accessible and completely refreshing at the same time.

Favorite Tracks: “Eyes Shut To The Sky,” “Wading”


-AJ Boundy