Review: Pianos Become The Teeth – “Wait For Love”

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Wait for Love

Wait For Love is the latest release from Baltimore indie/emo outfit, Pianos Become the Teeth. It’s their first release since the 2015’s Close 7” and their first full length effort since 2014’s Keep You.

This new album follows suit in the directional change that Keep You did, with a further distancing from their post-hardcore roots. With Wait For Love, Pianos are delving further into the mellower side of their music. Every track carries this recurring somber motif, similar to that of The Hotelier’s Goodness, heartfelt and nostalgic with a radiance of hope. The lead single of the record, “Charisma” stands out as the driving track of the record. With a pulsating and an infectious riff, the tune acts as an anchor to pull old fans in for a new taste and new fans in with a straight forward rock tune.

The production of the record is bold and moody. The guitars shrill and sedate the listener, while drums entrance you in a deep haze. Less present is the bass, which is shameful due to the beautiful drum performance and in turn, the lack of a pocket rhythm section. Had there been a greater bass presence, some of the record may have felt more structure and pulse. The vocals howl dramatically through the very flowing melodies that swell over the very open and raw arrangement of instrumental.

“Dry Spells” is a standout track of the bunch. “These spells, pure hell, dry as bone”, vocalist Kyle Durfey delivers over an eerie, uncomfortable sonic backdrop.  It’s brooding and tense, dark and mysterious. While sonically contrasting to earlier works of the band, the record resonates very similarly to previous works.

The record as a whole stays on the mellow side. The guitars toe the line between wistful and frightful, juxtaposed this softer lean of the vocals, the songs are whisked into this dark atmosphere that’s drenched in vibe, but at the same time warm and inviting. What drives this record along is an incredible drum performance and tone. The massive body of the drums and the sharp attack of the snare give a power and grit to the record that may have been lost in another circumstance.

Wait For Love will insert itself and be remembered along the varied discography of Pianos Become The Teeth. It is a record full of vibrant, moody songs that cascade through warm melodies, and a solid addition to their catalog.


Jacob Fishman

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