Recommendation: Warrington – ‘Born Mistake’

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Warrington is Sawyer Camden, a musician/songwriter from Chesapeake, VA. While Warrington is his most recent project, Sawyer is a DIY music vet. He’s been performing solo music since 2011 as well as in various bands, including Padfoot and The Great Dismal, and used to run a space in Virginia Beach called College Park All Ages. Through all these years, Sawyer has developed his songwriting and voice, and his most recent release with Warrington, Born Mistake, is a culmination of those efforts.

The album floats between pop punk and acoustic folk, with the emotional and relateable lyrics that are so necessary for both genres. “Drunk off a lack of sleep, and half a bottle of whiskey, missing the feeling of sheets between“. Fans of Dashboard Confessional, Transit, or other similar bands will definitely enjoy this record.

Take a listen to Born Mistake below:

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