Rapid Fire Reviews: Sorority Noise, Mansions & Petal

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Petal – Comfort 


With a captivating voice and touching lyrics, Petal have made a name for themselves because of the familiarity and emotional capacity of the songs. After Shame‘s stunning group of songs from 2015, Kiley Lotz is back with two original new songs and a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs;” a perfect reimagining of the song with luscious pianos handling the melodies. The delicate delivery of Lotz’ singing showcases the amount of heavy emotions wrapped into every vocal part, woven into the song’s melodies alongside a piano. With more pianos taking a forefront of “15,” the song comes to a bouncing close with an incredible amount of intimacy. Comfort has been a go to EP for the times where the world feels to dark to possibly shine at all, but Petal continues to do be an illustrious project worth every tear drop.


Sorority Noise – Alone 

sorority noise alone

Remember all the punk and hypnotic fun that Sorority Noise drag into their sometimes weed infused rock operatic tracks? Alone is more dynamic, more quiet and more focused on the sound of isolation. Easily able to be titled “Cameron Boucher and a couple of other instruments” (on “Fermata”), the singer’s pensive lyrics are hard to misplace in one’s life. The expansive and atmospheric blend found on Alone is a good next step as the band’s sound continues to evolve. Released via Triple Crown Records, it marks Sorority Noise’s second release on the label (and second this year).


Mansions – Deserter

mansions deserter

Scoring with some prime atmospheric landscapes, Mansions’ Deserter kicks off with a bellow on opener “Heel Theme.” With a hypnotic rhythm section, Mansions place a lot of focus in their ability to bring seismic crashes to life via their heavy sound. “High Numbers” has an explosive ending, lending to the bands ability to create soundscapes full of lush sounds and incredible dynamics. Their syncopation never disappoints, and Deserter is rich with these tones. Their synth woven songs are fueled by passion and energy, an EP that will be a different experience for many, but entirely worth it in sound.


– Sean Gonzalez