Premiere: War, War, War – “Saw An Angel”

Posted: by The Editor

War War War

Based out of the Flint, MI area, War, War, War is the musical brainchild of Greet Death bassist/vocalist Sam Boyhtari. The project saw its debut release with 2013’s Beg, a delightful lo-fi endeavor that spun a web of acoustic Americana tracks with ambient textures to craft a sound similar to the stylings of Neil Young or Spencer Radcliffe. Now, Boyhtari is gearing up to release new material for the first time in nearly 4 years with “Saw An Angel,” the first track to be released from their new record I Saw An Angel, I Buried Its Body.

This new album marks a clear departure from the project of the past, as this time around Boyhtari is trading in that lo-fi aesthetic for a more refined and orchestral sound. “Saw An Angel” is a prime example of this innovation, featuring the wonderful vocal stylings of Ally Evenson as well as piano and vibrant auxiliary guitarwork. 

However, fans of War, War, War’s stripped-down material of the past need not worry, as the production on the new record truly lends itself to the tracks and creates a heightened listening experience that wasn’t fully realized or attainable on Beg. I Saw An Angel, I Buried Its Body is out on cassette and digital on August 4th.

Stream “Saw An Angel” at the link below and pre-order the new record here to receive an instant download of the new track.


– AJ Boundy