Premiere: (T-T)b – ‘Better’

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I have a love for chiptunes. Maybe it is the synth esque elements, but when it is mixed into indie rock tracks I can’t get enough, and (T-T)b may  be my favorite band in the genre. This new album is next level for them, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. slimy quagmire will be out 11/29 on Play it Loud! Records.

This first single is evidence of their jams. While the dudes in the band usually cover vocals on this album, on the track ‘Better’ the band’s friend Shannon takes the lead. Shannon wrote the lyrics based on their experiences as an artist. “This is a song for people who feel unheard, shout, be angry, rise above.”

(T-T)b thought this was a perfect first single considering the scary place that our country has become (my words not theirs). All proceeds from the album will be going to Planned Parenthood, so take a listen and get pumped.

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