Track Premiere: Subliminal Sex — “WSP”

Posted: by The Editor

Fort Wayne musician Chris Kelsey, who writes and records under the moniker Subliminal Sex, makes anthemic power-pop that’s raucous and bouncy, and today we’re premiering “WSP”, the bombastic lead single from the band’s self-titled debut, out 11/2 on Near Mint. Combining the infectious energy of early aughts pop-punk with chugging guitar riffs strummed at a near breakneck speed, Kelsey’s music is a high-wire act in itself. The song slowly builds tension thanks in part to a seemingly endless abyss of distorted chords, eventually giving way to the shout-along chorus, (
“I’m sure we could talk this out if you want to / I’m sure you could waste my time if I let you,”) which is as good of a case as any that Subliminal Sex is a band you should start paying attention to right now. 

S/T is available to pre-order on cassette/CD/digital via Near Mint


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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