Premiere: Sub-Radio “Dog Years” EP

Posted: by The Editor

The pop rock group Sub Radio is putting their brand new EP Dog Years into the world drawing the likes of Walk the Moon, LANY, and Dopamine-era Third Eye Blind. We’re here to give you a first listen into the EP and get a chance to read what each song meant to them. Take a listen below and let us know what your favorite track is!



Better Than That: This song is like the seed that the whole EP grew out of. We wrote it years ago when we were trying to figure out a new direction for our sound, and it’s like everything clicked. Hearing it produced by Dylan is like watching our first kid graduate.

Room For You: We loved the challenge of writing a “love song” that’s not actually about being in love. It also just feels like a whirlwind with all the parts crashing in, the kind of zany whistle — we’re trying to capture that swirl of emotions.

Dreamcatcher: This is a really special song for us. We wrote it initially as a private thing, a present for a girlfriend, and it became this little jewel of a song that we loved enough to put it on the EP.

Million And One: Ever just want to walk up to someone and say “I think it’s pretty obvious we both want to do each other and I’d like to stop playing games”? Got a song for you.

Instincts: We’ve been grinding and playing dive bars and clubs for years and years and the one constant in those places is that there will always be one sloshed dude who’s out to ruin someone’s night. Writing “Instincts” was our personal little way of telling them off.

Dog Years EP: We had a blast recording this EP and I think that shines through in the music. Dog years evokes the concept of playing with time, days feeling longer than they really are and years feeling shorter, and we explore that in the songs as well. We hope everyone takes their time with this EP.



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine