Premiere: Spillway – ‘Fish Can Drown’

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez


Rowdy with bombastic chord progressions, Spillway are gearing up to release their new EP, Fish Can Drown on October 20th. The Alternative is here to provide the exclusive advanced stream of the EP, below! “New England Expatriates” kicks off with a sentimental woe of vibrant melodies stirring quite the ruckus thanks to the driving rhythm pulse. With this four track EP, Fish Can Drown finds Spillway sifting through a few different soundscapes. The second song “Stage Four” is a track with thicker guitar layers, and more soaring vocals. It’s a brilliant stroke of musical talent that showcases how much attention is present in their music.

“A Full Night’s Rest” is quite the experience, almost punk alt country with a twist of twang added in to provide a charged up drink full of interesting, delicate melodies. “Survivor’s Guilt” takes a route similar to “Stage Four” with it’s more dynamic approached. The vocals are controlled yet inspired over the entire track, full of emotive embrace and catastrophic musical blends. The record was produced by Chris Teti from TWIABP.

Pick up Fish Can Drown here

EP Release Show (w/ Jelani Sai 10/27)

Hodera Show (11/08)

– Sean Gonzalez