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Pittsburgh’s Same cast a sepia tone across a ‘90s DIY-indebted style of indie rock. Their debut LP Plastic Western is at times range-y and raucous, but it also spends a lot of time being thoughtfully languid, dreamy in a night-under-the-stars kind of way. “Bluish,” which we’re premiering below, falls into the latter category. 

On “Bluish,” as on much of Same’s stellar Plastic Western, Jesse Caggiano’s Built to Spill-like vocal performance feels at once distant and overwhelming, a loud echo with a quiet source. “Everybody leaves you alone, sometimes” emerges as the dominant lyric—the heart of the song is a trailing instrumental break that builds and twinkles like an ellipsis after that line. It’s kind of like a conversation you might have with yourself, realizing halfway through that you don’t need to answer your own questions out loud. You can just stare out the window and let the thought ruminate until you’re finished with it. 

Right now, most of us are probably spending a lot more time alone than we usually would. It’s nice to have a song like “Bluish,” rich as it is in its own isolation, to whittle down the hours with. Check it out below.

Same will release Plastic Western on May 8 via Lauren Records. You can preorder it here

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