Premiere: Mourning Record’s Earth Day Compilation

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Today is Earth Day and that means its time to listen to some good music and take care of the Earth! Mourning Records is helping us do that with their new Earth Day cassette compilation. The cassette is a 30 band/artist compilation ranging from genres of melodic hardcore, emo, and alternative. All proceeds are being donated to Alachua Conservation Trust; a nonprofit organization here in Gainesville, Florida.
Each cassette is on sale for $5 via Bandcamp. Each cassette is hand numbered out of /50 and includes a double sided 3-panel J-card. Take a listen and support a good cause.


To Love and Grow: What We Use As Stepping Stones
Rose Gold: Law of Relativity
Ghostpool: Bug
Goth Dad: Fade
Magnolia Park: Desperate
Northernstate: Moving
Summer Homes: Charteux
Hand Out: Tim Song
Joshua Creek: Ivy
Boston Marriage: Gowns
Birthright: Light of Your Love
Bay Street: Sucker Punch
Expert Timing: Little Amount
Heavy Tides: Overgrown
Inside Voices: This Cab Needs Wheels
Cuzco: Sober Island
Carpool: Idaho
Overthinker: Cynical
Anxioushum: Fickle
Riley!: Fight Milk
Stars Hollow: Tadpole
Cascades: Straight Cash Homie
R Dent: Suffer Sober
Terms X Conditions: Excuse My Colours
You Vandal: Still The Same
Heartbreak etc: the cerulean cave giveth and taketh away
Previous Love: Optical Illusion
Close Kept: Better Yet
Schmave: Hand Washed Clothing
Sports Reference: Doctor Everest


Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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