Premiere: Mossbreaker – “Shamer”

Posted: by The Editor


The Alternative is happy to bring forth a hypnotic track to the world today in “Shamer” by Mossbreaker. The Los Angeles trio utilize an airy vocal performance during the verses of the song, letting the delivery expand naturally with the song’s detonations to take over the chorus. “Shamer” is a guitar heavy track, with walls of distortion being utilized to craft a rich atmosphere. The song is off of the band’s upcoming release, Between The Noise And You, out through Glory kid Limited July 28th.

“‘Shamer’ was one of the first songs we wrote for the album and it’s one of my favorites on the record. Gabe had done a rough demo by himself and we messed around with it during our rehearsals for our show with Hum. It came together really quickly, and we were all so hyped on it that we decided to work it into the set. We played it live for the first time at that show after jamming it only a few times. The song has these huge choruses with these really ethereal, minimal verses, and they just fell into place. The album version is almost identical to the original way we first played it, which is pretty cool.”

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