Premiere: Mosey Jones – “The Last Of Us”

Posted: by The Editor

Mosey Jones

Mosey Jones are a three-piece group from Brooklyn who channel distinct nineties emo and indie rock feels, but don’t waste their time wallowing. Their music is bright, upbeat, and propelled by a rambunctious but finely tuned energy. “The Last of Us” shows the band exploring this ability further, with danceable beats, tumbling synchronized licks, and some spirited dueling vocals. It’s a tight, infectious track and a good sign of what’s to come.

MJ are dedicated to their DIY approach, but the quality of the tune is fresh and vibrant. The album was recorded and mixed in the band’s basement, and the comradeship and enjoyment of that process seems to seep out of the speakers on this track. If the “The Last of Us” is any indication, Mosey Jones will have a lively little monster on their hands come release day.

The new album, Certainty, is out November 5th. Pre-orders are available via Mosey Jones’ bandcamp.

Tracklist for Certainty:
1. Rocky Balboa Constrictor
2. It’s Senior Year, Guys
3. Until Death
4. Unbroken/Alone
5. Movies
6. Summit
7. Untitled
8. You’re Funny
9. What’s Better Than This?
10. This Year It Will Be Different
11. The Last Of Us