Track Premiere: Low Sun – “Round Soul”

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Low SUn

The Alternative is pleased to be bringing forth the sludgy, psych tempo rock track “Round Soul” from Low Sun. The song’s guitars are deep, burrowing into the foundation of the instrumentals and bellowing out with powerful riffs. “Round Soul” is a track sure to leave a listener in a trance, humming those dark melodies all day long.

“It is amidst the mundane and familiar moments where light seems eager to seep in and startle you from a spiritual pause. The finest way to pass the time is to transcend it; to stumble drunkenly upon a fervent richness. These are reservoirs of impermanent bliss. Cradle them tightly. Care for them as you would your child; as you would a smouldering ember between fires.”


Low Sun sets out to create with the adamant belief that music is our greatest ritual. Luscious, colourful and buoyant chords are placed at the feet of the listener. A deliberate and disciplined rhythm hangs onto every note. Lyrically, an attempt is made to seek and expose the divine hidden within the mundane. Through music and writing they hope to offer a compass to their listeners. A touch more light to help note the plurality of the world around us and explore the intricate components that make the whole.

– Sean Gonzalez