Premiere: Junipur – Self-Titled EP

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Premiering the new EP from Philly’s Junipur! This is their debut self-titled EP which is officially out on 10/22 on Honest Face Records. Nothing better than a great new band. I really like how they blend some synth and brass into these tracks. They definitely have their own sound, and I am excited to hear more. The track ‘Life/Death/Harm/Truth’ is especially cool. Take a listen and order the album below!

FFO: Joyce Manor, The Menzingers, indie rock in general.

You can download the EP or preorder it on tapes at the Honest Face Records Store.  Juniper also have some Philly shows coming up. If you are from the Philly area check them out:

The Trash House 10/22
Leninundergrad 10/27
The Fat House 10/28
The Trash House 11/16