Premiere: Jimmy Mayo – ‘Whoops’

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Formed in  2017, the Pittsburgh-based outfit Jimmy Mayo is releasing their EP entitled Whoops on Chatterbot Records tomorrow. Drawing influences from Snowing, Brave Bird, Prince Daddy and the Hyena, as well as fellow label mates, Michael Cera Palin, the band is an amalgamation of twinkly leads, catchy choruses, and a driving punk feel.

The band hints at moments of musical chaos throughout the EP, which will keep listeners on their toes. The second track, “Mt Chillimanjaro,” has a feel reminiscent  of I Kill Giants, and then dives into a more directed chorus, complete with inviting chords and catchy melodies. Farther into the track is an absolutely air-drumable variation of the track’s intro, though it may take you some practice to nail it. This is also seen in the more reserved moments of  “Trying,” which lead into a more upbeat feel during the chorus. The vocals on this record as a whole provide simple melodies with points of true grittiness and emotion in self reflecting lyrics, which further develop this dichotomy of sound. This contrast,while simultaneously grounding its foundation in a unique take on emo/pop punk is what makes the EP exciting.

While Whoops provides a similar sentiment to the Jimmy Mayo’s past releases, it does seem like their sound is developing. It is definitely exciting to see what direction they are going to lean in, and being such a fresh band, this fickle state could give way to even greater things in the future.

Whoops is out tomorrow on Chatterbot Records and you can preorder it now on Bandcamp.

Ryan Bartlett | @RyanBartlett12

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