Premiere: Ishmael – ‘Brittle Ivy’ EP

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Ishmael, the Brooklyn-based trio, will release its second EP, Brittle Ivy, on November 2 via their own label, Porpoise At Large Records, and today we have it streaming a day early.

We’ve written about Ishmael previously, and we’ve always had trouble describing their music exactly. Yes, its indie rock, but its also very mathy and somewhat experimental. Yes, it has hooks, but it never aims to be catchy. Ishmael’s music exists on its own, a genre blend of their own formulation citing influences of TTNG and Tears for Fears.

This 4 song EP is a further development of the concept. A distillation of Ishmael’s unique personality which also acts as a narrative prologue to Ishmael’s forthcoming full-length (2019), a concept album featuring an imaginative and emotionally rich original story.

As the band told me “Brittle Ivy introduces listeners to a boy raised in isolation above a city teeming with life that he can never reach. His imagination is his only means of escape, until he decides that it isn’t enough, and climbs the walls that separate him from the outside world. Before he can reach the top he falls, and keeps falling, down into a dark and empty place – a new world, waiting to be made in his image.”

Take a listen to the EP below, and get your brain ready for the adventure that is only just beginning.

Ishmael will celebrate the EP’s release with a concert at Alphaville in Brooklyn on November 1, and you can preorder the record now on Bandcamp.

Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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